Gnostic Universalist Church

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We are all related, we are one. Therefore we should do that which is right. Only we know individually what is right for ourselves. This knowladge is shown to us through individual gnostic revelation. Every individual has the inhearent right to pursue this gnostic experiance of life in the manner in whih they deam best for themselves. None should hamper or interfear with this right.


The church, being based upon individual gnostic revelation, and utilises ritual, music, prayer and entheogenic usage to create the proper set and setting to achive these states, it is therefor, the oldest and most ancient of all religions and forms of worship: shamanism. The gnostic framework in which the shamanistic practices are used date back to the first centurey of the modern and were, as far as we can historically reconstruct, the rituals employed by Jesus and his apostles, thereby, the oldest of all Christian religions and prectices. The primary sacramental substance, the "Tree of Life" for the healing of the nations, cannabis, is documented be archeological evidance and historical record, among the most ancient plants utilized for medicinal, religious and utilitarian purposes and among the first cultivated plants, dating it's usage to at the very latest, the dawn of the first human settelments. 


Membership is open to all persons 21 years of age and older, regaurdless of race, religion, sex, ethnic background, sexual orientation or political affilation who feel alligned with the beliefs and creeds of the church.  For more information on creeds and statements of belief click on the linked picture above. For more information on membership in the church, church structure, clergy and ordination click on the linked picture below.


The structure of the church is laid out in the canocial "Acts of the Apostels", and the structure employed there is used as a model for it's contempary expression. 


The primary ritual structure of the church is based upon the five sacrements detailed in the Gospel of Phillip. There are seven primary sacramental rituals in all, and twelve supplimentary offical rituals drawn from the canoncal gospels, gnostic texts and contempary writings. Other rituals may be emploied as individual members are moved by spirit. In addition to the offical sacraments and rituals there are three primary sacramental substances and twelve supplemental sacramental substances, other entheogens may be subsutited for the tewlve if necessary due to availability or prohibition, but the three primary sacramental substances cannot be subsutited unless absolutly necessary.